Risk Evaluation Guidance to OMB

JUNE 15, 2017

EPA sent its document “Guidance to Assist Interested Persons in Developing and Submitting Draft Risk Evaluations Under the Toxic Substances Control Act” to the Office of Management and Budget -- Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) for review this week.

The guidance is intended to assist chemical manufacturers submit risk evaluations to the Agency for review and was mandated by the June 2016 TSCA amendments.

It is expected the guidance will be released simultaneously with the final risk evaluation rule that must be published later this month.

Additionally, EPA previously sent its risk prioritization rule to OIRA for review, and it is anticipated the regulation will be published later this month along with the TSCA inventory reset rule.

Under the June 2016 TSCA amendments, the Agency is required to promulgate three rules — risk prioritization, risk evaluation, and the TSCA Inventory reset — by June 22, 2017. EPA has not yet sent its final TSCA Inventory reset rule to OMB.
ILMA submitted comments on EPA’s proposed risk evaluation rule, the risk prioritization rule and the TSCA Inventory reset rule.