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 AUGUST 2017

   -  Bridging the Gap from ILSAC to GF-5 to GF-6
   - Who's Next
   - It's About the Process: Information Systems



 JULY 2017

   -  Globalization and the Lubricants Industry
   - Latin America's Lubricant Demand
   - Gliding Into the Future



 JUNE 2017
   -  Lubricant Manufacturers Heed New Safety Regulations
   - Finding a Balance
   - Making the Most of Your Data Managment


 MAY 2017
   - Trump Military Budget = Heightened Lube Demand
   - Trade Agreement Opens Doors for Lube Exporters
   - All in the Family


 APRIL 2017
   - Putting an End to Obsolete Oils
   - Protecting Your Company from Cybercrimes
   - Prospects for Tax Reform

 MARCH 2017
   - Providing Food-Grade Lubricants in a Global Marketplace
   - Biodegradable Lubricants Primer
   - Group I Re-refiners Dominate Asia-Pacific

   - Your New BFF: Technology
   - The Climate "Accountability" Movement: Why It Matters
   - Wind Power Ramps Up Lubricant Demand

   - Meet ILMA's New President: Beth Ann Jones
   - Infineum Perspective: Exploring Technology Trends
   - Will All of Those Squeaky Wheels Need Grease?