LubeCare is a program developed by ILMA to help member companies integrate health, safety and
    environmental considerations in the design, manufacture, use and disposal of lubricant products.

Why LubeCare?

  1. Implementation of LubeCare Will Benefit Your Company
    • LubeCare provides a systematic, holistic framework to assist member companies manage their health, safety, and environmental responsibilities.
    • Implementation of LubeCare can benefit your bottom line by helping you manage workplace safety and health, insurance claims, liability risks, customer relations, pollution prevention, and product development.

  2. LubeCare Complements Existing Product Stewardship Programs
    • If your company is implementing the Product Stewardship Code of Responsible Care®, the Product Stewardship Code of Coatings Care®, or an existing company product stewardship program, the company will be fulfilling LubeCare.
    • LubeCare is consistent with the ISO 14000 Standards on environmental management.

  3. ILMA Can Help Your Company
    • ILMA can help your company implement the LubeCare in several different ways:
      1. You can call the ILMA office at (703) 684-5574.
      2. You can be matched with a mentor company coordinator through the guidance network. This coordinator is associated with a company who has already adopted Responsible Care® or another similar industry program.
      3. You can attend an ILMA-sponsored LubeCare Workshop.

  4. The LubeCare Logo
    • The LubeCare logo use is described in the graphic standards guidelines. The logo may be used on letterhead and stationary; to promote and to explain LubeCare to employees; and to describe how LubeCare relates to a company's activities and operation.
    • The logo may not be used to promote a specific product or service, nor can LubeCare be used to claim an attribute for a product, such as "safe," or "environmentally friendly."