OSHA Announces Safe + Sound Week

August 9, 2018

OSHA will host Safe + Sound Week  from August 13-19 to generate awareness and understanding on the value of proactive workplace safety programs for both employers and employees that include management leadership, worker participation, and a systematic approach to discovering and fixing workplace hazards.

A number of trade associations, industry and professional groups, including the National Safety Council, American Industrial Hygiene Association, and American Society of Safety Engineers are partnering with OSHA on the nationwide initiative.

OSHA on its website lists three core elements to an effective safety program:

  • Management leadership that commits to establishing, maintaining and continually improving the program. Managers also must provide needed resources to support the program.
  • Workers who help identify solutions for improvements. A workforce engaged in safety and health programs result in higher productivity, increased job satisfaction and strong worker retention, which combine to increase revenues and lower turnover and recruitment costs.
  • A systematic “find and fix” approach that calls upon employers and workers alike to examine their workplaces – proactively and routinely – to identify and address hazards before an injury or illness occurs.

Currently, OSHA says companies in all 50 states are registered to participate, with 114 in the State of Texas alone. Interested ILMA members can register to join in the program here.