NLRB Launches Alternative Dispute Resolution Pilot Program

July 12, 2018

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) launched an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) pilot program this week, aiming to streamline disputes pending before the Board.

The NLRB hopes that the ADR program will create an attractive means to quickly resolve labor disagreements, saving significant amounts of time and money for all parties.  There are no fees or expenses to participate in the program.

“Allowing parties greater control over the outcome of their cases, the NLRB’s ADR program can provide parties with more creative, flexible, and customized settlements of their disputes. In addition to savings in time and money, parties who use the ADR program can broaden their resolution options, making the program particularly useful for cases where traditional settlement negotiations have been unsuccessful,” NLRB stated in a press release announcing the ADR program.

The press release notes that participation in the program is completely voluntary and any party may elect to withdraw from the program at any time.