House GOP Members Question Environmental Group’s China Ties

June 12, 2018

Republicans on the House Natural Resources Committee have launched a probe into the Natural Resources Defense Council’s (NRDC) relationship with the Chinese government.

Critics say that the investigation is the latest attempt by House Republicans to target opponents of President Trump’s and his agenda, especially at EPA. 

Natural Resources Chairman Bob Bishop (R-UT) and Rep. Bruce Westerman (R-FL) asked NRDC about its advocacy on U.S. environmental policies and whether its positions may be affected by its relationships with foreign entities such as China.

“The NRDC’s relationship with China has many of the criteria identified by U.S. intelligence agencies and law enforcement as putting an entity at risk of being influenced or coerced by foreign interests,” the lawmakers said in their letter.

The two House Republicans contend that NRDC must adhere to strict operating rules set out by the Chinese government, making the environmental group vulnerable to coercion, and such could be in violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

A NRDC spokesman said the group works in China, because as the world’s most populous country, it is a key international influencer.

Greenpeace and World Resources Institute are two other well-known environmental groups that have China programs.