ILMA Foundation Scholarship Program

Over the past 21 years, ILMA has awarded over $575,000 in scholarships to 213 students. Of these,149 have graduated from college and 17 continue to receive funding and work toward their degrees.  The Foundation's Board of Governors recently increased undergraduate awards to current and new winners from $3,000 to $3,500 per year. ILMA awarded
 10 new scholarships for the 2022-2023 Academic Year, including the Elmer B. Cleves Award and the Taglia Award.

The application window for the 2023-2024 ILMA Foundation Scholarship period is now closed.

Special Scholarship Opportunities

The Elmer B. Cleves Scholarship
Elmer B. Cleves excelled both in the classroom and athletic pursuits. He played minor league pro baseball for the Saint Louis Cardinals and in the Canadian League. He also managed minor league pro baseball teams in the U.S. and Canada. After leaving baseball, Elmer worked in chemical engineering and formed his own company, Interlube Corporation, a long-standing ILMA member. Cleves received ILMA's Distinguished Service Award in 2001. The Elmer B. Cleves Scholarship will be awarded at the discretion of the ILMA Foundation Board to a scholar-athlete who lettered in at least one varsity sport in high school and who is going on the study science and/or entrepreneurship in college. The scholarship provides $5,000 per year with a possible maximum of four years per student.

The Taglia Scholarship
James A. Taglia is an ILMA Past President, 2004-2005, and served on the ILMA Board from 2000-2013. Taglia formed ILMA's Industry Task Force, which initiated the Association's signature testing program. He served as the Industry Task Force chair until 2014. Jim's wife, Mary Anne Taglia, was a founding member of the WILMA (Women of ILMA) Book Club, and a regular ILMA meeting attendee. The Taglia Scholarship will be awarded to qualified applicants at the discretion of the ILMA Foundation Board. The winner will be an outstanding student, preferably majoring in chemistry, and preferably from the Taglias' home states of Minnesota or Ohio. The scholarship will provide $2,500 per year.

The Bob Jackson Award (Graduate Students) 
The Bob Jackson Award provides a $5,000 research grant to post-graduate students, awarded at the discretion of the ILMA Foundation Board, for industry-related projects submitted to the Foundation. This award honors ILMA Past President Bob Jackson for initiating the scholarship program. 

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Get the Word Out

Let everyone in your company know about the ILMA Foundation Scholarship Program. Download the flyer and post it in your offices and plants or distribute it to deserving students you may know. 

Want to Help a Student Further Their Education?
Support for the ILMA Foundation Scholarship Program is very much appreciated! Corporate and personal contributions help ILMA award these scholarships.

Scholarship Recipients
The ILMA Foundation is proud to announce that 10 new students were awarded scholarships for 2022-2023.