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ILMA membership offers unparalleled networking opportunities, access to important regulatory information and a wide range of knowledge and expertise. 


ILMA's networking opportunities are the best in the industry. Just come to one ILMA meeting and you will see why!

  • Meet with over 400 industry decision-makers at ILMA Engage in April and over 1,000 of your colleagues at ILMA’s Annual Meeting in October. There’s no better place to get business done! ILMA Members get a discounted registration rate.
  • The new online ILMA Member Directory offers easy access to a robust network of customers, suppliers, distributors and experts.
  • ILMA Members band together to identify and address industry challenges.

“One of the biggest values of ILMA is the meetings. There are three reasons that we participate: First of all, it’s the people. Our customers and our suppliers are here; they’re all in one place. Second is the accessibility—people are willing to sit down with you. Third, we get a chance to actually do business.” – Bill Downey, Novvi LLC, ILMA Supplier Member

“As a purchasing manager, meeting suppliers is an important thing for me. [The ILMA Annual Meeting ] has been my first and really only opportunity to meet some of the sales people I work with and principals of companies we work with.” – Martin Doyle, Idemitsu Lubricants America, ILMA Distributor Member

“One of the big benefits is the chance to sit down to talk about some of the opportunities that may be there, changing environments, and how we can help each other through those areas.” – Scott Lindsay, MidContinental Chemical Co., ILMA Supplier Member


Knowledge and expertise.

  • Access to ILMA legal counsel with decades of experience working for ILMA and its members.
  • Top-of-the-line consultants who manage ILMA's signature testing program, liaise with industry partners on crucial issues and bring a depth of scientific knowledge and experience to the table.
  • All the expertise of our engaged members, shared at our meetings and through our monthly trade magazine, Compoundings.
  • The latest industry-related news through our email newsletter, ILMA Week, as well as social media and the ILMA app.
  • A dedicated, enthusiastic and talented staff and executive team.

“I find a lot of value at ILMA, not only because of networking, but discussing issues and items that pertain to my business, including regulatory affairs and also issues of transportation and upcoming new developments in the marketplace.” – Ramesh Navaratnam, Patech North America, ILMA Supplier Member

“I gain a lot of information as far as potential upcoming regulations, so ILMA has been a wealth of information that comes to me before something could potentially cause a problem within our company.” – Julie Thomas, Master Fluid Solutions, ILMA Manufacturing Member


Your Voice, Heard
ILMA is your voice in the public policy arena, working on Capitol Hill and meeting with regulatory agency executives to help preserve your right to do business and compete on a level playing field. When ILMA speaks, government listens.

ILMA also provides advocacy education and opportunities to meet with your representatives on Capitol Hill and right where you live. In an accelerated global market with little concern for proprietary boundaries, ILMA's singular voice for independent innovation and competition has never been more important.

“ILMA has developed relationships with OSHA and the EPA, so when they come out with a rulemaking, they’ll ask us to come and testify, and they listen to what we say.” – Ike Tripp, Etna Products, ILMA Manufacturing Member

“ILMA is a presence in other places where we can’t be, doing what as a small company you can’t do for yourself.” – Ann Ball, DuBois Chemicals, ILMA Manufacturing Member


The amazing support of our members in the form of sponsorships and contributions makes it possible to offer:

  •  ILMA's premier industry events.
  •  The ILMA Foundation Scholarship Program, which has given over $550,000 to more than 195 talented students who could be your future employees.
  • Industry research that lends credence to our collective voice.

“ILMA has been a long-standing organization, and it’s also developing the industry by giving scholarships to young people to develop their skills and interest in the industry.” – Ann Ball, DuBois Chemicals, ILMA Manufacturing Member

“The love you get is equal to the love you make. So if you become a part of ILMA and you provide input and use your skills, then ILMA becomes a better organization and can grow into the future and help others as they enter the industry.” – Ike Tripp, Etna Products, ILMA Manufacturing Member

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New Member Spotlight

ILMA Supplier Member, VBASE® Oil Company is based out of Pendleton, SC. VBASE® Oil Company manufactures a new class of sustainable, high performance synthetic ester base oils that are biobased, biodegradable, non-toxic and non-bioaccumulative.


Key Representative:  Zach Hunt, Application Development and Technical Sales.