ILMA and the Board of Directors would like to thank all of the companies and individuals who continue to support the Scholarship Program, year after year. To date, ILMA has awarded nearly $400,000 to students. With 90 graduates already and 42 students in the program currently, continued funding is always welcomed. We know economic times are tough, and they're tougher still for young people trying to pay for college. Through the support of ILMA members, we can continue to provide academic funds to deserving students.

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ILMA Thanks Our Generous Contributors:

DIAMOND ($5,000 and above)

GOLD ($500-$999)

SILVER ($250-$499)

DEAN'S LIST (Personal Contributions)

    Holly Alfano, ILMA
    Paul Aylor, Phillips 66 Spectrum Corporation
    Barbara Bellanti, Battenfeld Grease & Oil Corporation of N.Y.
    Terre Christensen, FindLine Connections, Inc.
    Beth Ann Jones, Hangsterfer's Laboratories, Inc.
    Jim Kudis, Allegheny Petroleum Products Company
    Jeremy Kriska, Tulstar Products Inc.
    Cathy Novak, Palmer Holland Inc.
    E. Jon Schnellbacher
    Scott Schwindaman, Lubrication Engineers, Inc.