API Invokes Provisional Licensing for API SP/ILSAC GF-6
API, in a letter issued today, has invoked Provisional Licensing, in accordance with API 1509, for the new API SP/ILSAC GF-6/ILSAC GF-6B passenger car engine oil service standards. API acknowledges that there has been high demand for the Romaszewski Oil Bench Oxidation (ROBO) test (ASTM D7528) to qualify engine oil formulations against the API SP/ILSAC GF-6/ILSAC GF-6B standards that have a May 1, 2020 first license date. API's Provisional Licensing applies to oil marketers that need to run the ROBO test to qualify their formulations for: ILSAC GF-6A; ILSAC GF-6B; API SP with Resource Conserving and SN PLUS; API SP with SN PLUS; ILSAC GF-5; API SN with Resource Conserving; API SN with Resource Conserving and SN PLUS; API SN with SN PLUS; and API SN. Read more.

COVID-19 Resources
ILMA is monitoring developments with COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus, across federal agencies including Centers for Disease Control, OSHA and the Food and Drug Administration as well as other sources. While we are hoping that outbreaks in the U.S. and elsewhere will be contained, it is important for member companies and their employees to be familiar with resources for dealing with business and personal consequences of the pandemic. Here are some resources.

Statement from ILMA on the Continuance of Essential Business Operations During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Now available: A better health care buying experience through ILMA

One challenge many employers face is offering affordable and convenient health care options for their employees. And now ILMA is proud to announce a new member benefit that meets that need. National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) Health Care* is a benefits offering designed specifically for smaller manufacturing companies. Because ILMA is a member of NAM, you can join other companies to purchase and manage coverages together, which allows you to take advantage of enrollment efficiencies, administrative cost savings and more flexible product options previously only available to larger manufacturing companies. With NAM Health Care, your employees can get better health care and quicker enrollment, while making your job easier with ongoing benefits management and administration (which reduces your administrative costs.) Visit ilma.namhealthcare.com to learn more and get a quote.

*Available to ILMA Manufacturing Member companies and select Supplier Member companies with no more than 99 employees.

New Member Spotlight

ILMA Distributor Member, Federated Co-Op, is a wholesale manufacturing, marketing and administrative co-op owned by and servicing 170 independent retail co-op associations. FCL provides products and services in 4 areas: agriculture, energy (fuel propane and lubricants) food & home & building solutions.

Key Representative: Derek Swain, Lubricant Marketing Manager